Weight Training Techniques

Add the concept of cross-training to your
weight-training routine, and you'll get better results..

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Weight Training Techniques (Part two of a two-part series)

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There's been much said about the importance of injury-prevention and more effective results if you cross-train your aerobic workout. For instance, running one day, stairclimbing the next, and doing step aerobics the next day. But you should also cross-train your muscles while pumping iron. Bonnie Kaye takes you Inside Fitness to show you why.
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BK on-set Intro:
Add the concept of cross-training to your weight-training routine, and you'll get better results
The same principals used for cross-training your aerobic activities also apply to weight training.

"When weight training your lowerbody, for instance, it's a good idea to not do the same exercises each and everytime. If you mix it up, you may actually get better results."

sot Glenn Rosenthal/Personal trainer, Denver Athletic Club
"If you do the same exercises everyday, you do it the same way, your body develps an adaptive response and you no longer get the benefit for muscle growth or muscle strength."

sot Glenn Rosenthal/Personal Trainer, Denver Athletic Club
"You change the order, you change the length of time between sets, you change the number of repetitions your body doesn't get used to that, and doesn't get complacent."

And neither does your mind, as you need variety to prevent boredom.

sot Glen Rosenthal /Personal trainer, Denver Athletic Club
"So we like to change it around, somedays you do lunges first, somedays you do leg presses first, some days you do walking lunges."

This cross-training approach can make you better at your favorite sport(s).

sot George Ann Victor/Personal Training Client
"I'm stronger when I ski, and I can ski longer, and my tennis game is more powerful."

Another tip-- forget spot-reducing! It doesn't work!

sot Glen Rosenthal/Personal Trainer, Denver Athletic Club
"People say well, if I work my glutes, work my buns for example, they'll get thinner. Generally speaking, that is not the case."

sot Glen Rosenthal/Personal Trainer, Denver Athletic Club
"If anything, the muscle gets bigger underneath it, and if there's fat over that muscle it makes it look bigger anyway."

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To slim down, you need to do plenty of cardiovascular exercise, and weight train your body evenly, so it works as a unit, replacing fat with lean muscle mass all over.

Bonnie suggests signing up for a couple of sessions with a qualified trainer to get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to mixing up your weight training routine. And as always, consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise program.

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