Cycle Karaoke

Nick Milano/Cycle Karaoke, Crunch Gym, Miami
If you think exercising can’t be fun, you haven’t tried Cycle Karaoke…a new spin on an already great workout.

Can you spin and sing at the same time? If not, that’s even better…as the worse you sound, the more fun cycle karaoke is.

Instructor Nick Milano doesn’t just teach a spinning class…he’s throwing a party.

“They walk in, they want to party, they want to have fun, cuz that’s what’s working out is all about…having fun!“

This was one of the most invigorating workouts I’ve ever experienced on a bike…and being asked to pick a song from Nick’s 80’s dance party mix was a real kick.

Because you can’t completely concentrate on the workout while singing…and because no one else wants you to sing too much for too long…Nick alternates between one karaoke song, and two regular songs to let everyone get their heart rates back up and crank up the intensity. Even though you’re sweating your butt off, somehow, it feels more like you’re at a discotechque than a gym.

For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.

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