134).  Donate Your Body!

Nikki Kimbrough/Bally Trainer
A great way to achieve your fitness goals is to set your sights on some sort of race, say a 5K or 10K for charity. But youíll have a better time and get better results if you train for it in advance.

If youíre thinking about running a charity raceógo for it! Not only will you get the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause, but youíll make great strides when it comes to getting fit. Bally trainer Nikki Kimbrough says the time to start training is now.

I think itís always good to train for a good three months, good three months, two and a half, three months is good to get you right where you want to be.

Training on a treadmill is ideal as you can see your speed, elevation, time and distance,  especially helpful for interval training, which Nikki highly recommends.

It gets the heart up, it gets the heart down, it just helps you with your legs, helps you with your muscles, helps you with recovery. 

An example would be to run at a high intensity pace for two minutes, go down to a walking pace for one minute to recoverÖthen back up to a run for another 2 minutes, and so on. For Inside Fitness, Iím Bonnie Kaye.

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