133).  Rapid Results 30-Day Challenge

Kevin Makely/Bally Trainer
According to the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, six out of ten adults are overweight or obese. Nearly half of them are trying to lose weight. Hereís a program that combines diet and exercise to help produce results within thirty days

Want to lose weight fastóand win $25,000.00 doing it? Sign-up for Ballyís Rapid Results 30-Day challenge anytime during the month of April. You donít have to be a member and prizes up to $25,000.00 will be rewarded to those you make the most progress toward their fitness goals in a 30-day period. But youíve got to do it safely with a well-balanced diet and exercise plan prescribed by trainers like Kevin Makely.

You come on in, you get an evaluation, we set you up with supplements, a workout routine, and we give you a thirty day window to get the best rapid results you can. You
have thirty days and we take before and after pictures.

Overall personal fitness accomplishments including weight loss play into the judging of who gets the $25,000.00 grand prize. For Inside Fitness, Iím Bonnie Kaye.

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