105). Surf-Flex

Instructor Paul Frediani, Surf Instructor/Trainer
Catch a wave without ever hitting the water. Surf-flex will challenge your strength and balance.

Instructor Paul Frediani teaches “Surf-Flex”…an indoor sports specific training class he uses to train members of  U.S. Surf team and members of Equinox Health Club in New York. 

If you’re going to play in an unstable environment it really helps to train in an unstable environment. Thus, these swiss balls we’re working on.

It really helps strengthen the stabilizing muscles around your joints, and that’s really key to prevent injuries. It really helps your flexibility and then it really encourages and strengthens your core strength which is your abdominals, lower back and hips. This is where all your strength eminates from.

Moves are meant to replicate surfing moves…like this one to help prepare you for a “pop-up” done on the water.

When you paddle out you’ve got to pop up, push yourself up and get up on the wave really quickly. 

This move builds upper bodystrength for paddling, as you have to get out to the waves before you can surf them.

Surfing is one of the fastest growing recreational sports for women and the biggest problem women have in surfing is being able to paddle out to the waves, upper body strength. 21:18

Abdominal exercises are done for core strength…and challenging balancing moves like this one work opposing muscle groups to get your whole body “surf ready”, even if you’re only going as far as the gym. For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.

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