102). Gait Analysis

Exercise physiologist Paul Juris 
Ever wish you could run faster and with less injuries? Well now youcan with gait analysis.

Exercise physiologist Paul Juris says many people who run don’t really know how to do it right.

And so while they’re out there moving their legs and their arms, their mechanics, their movement can be more efficient, it could be safer, more effective, and their performance can improve if they can learn how to do it more effectively.

The solution? Gait analysis under the watchful eye of Dr. Juris’s video camera where your true form is captured.

Okay, coach, what do you think?

Well there are two very good things here…your posture is very good, and also as your lead leg swings forward you get a good amount of hip flexion right here which means you have the potential to get a very good stride length.

Now for the bad news…problems with my heel strike.

You can see that your entire foot is striking the surface at the same time, so in terms of shock absorption, that’s probably not as efficient. you’d be better off if your heel could make contact first.

And a severe over flexion of my knees.

For a very efficient gait, the angle of the knee should be no more than five or a maximum of ten degrees. if I were actually to draw this angle or calculate it, it would be about fifty degrees. 

Which means I’m wasting a lot of energy bouncing up and down, rather than moving forward and setting myself up for knee and back injuries, if I don’t make some changes. For Fitness Magazine, I’m Bonnie Kaye.


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